Roma Safaris Services

Gorilla Trekking

They are like us and yet so different….. Gorilla Tracking is an experience of a lifetime!.The Mountain Gorilla is the world’s most endangered great ape, found only in protected forests in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo (DRC). To see Mountain Gorillas in the wild, up close in their natural habitat, is every safari lover’s dream! So travel with us and watch the Gorillas in the Mist.

Chimpazee Tracking

Chimpanzees have the closest DNA to us the humans and as such their behavior is very similar to ours. Come experience why they are called our cousins in their natural habitat.

Horseback Safaris

Have you ever imagined seeing/tracking animals in the wild on the back of a horse, come to Roma Safaris and we will give you this unforgettable experience.  A gazelle will walk right passed you and you can touch it because you are on a horseback.

Honeymoon Packages

Organizing a wedding can be tasking and they say the couple never enjoys their own wedding day. After tying the note with your loved one, you need a sumptuous honeymoon package to help you cool off the stress you’ve gone through. Take a trip with us that will make your honeymoon one you will never forget.

Tour And Safari Packages

Forget about what you see on TV documentaries, and in the Zoo, come see all these animals in their natural state, without camera editing’s and enhancements.  Uganda is not called the pearl of Africa for nothing, beauty starts here, you will be swept off your feet by among but not limited to the Source of River Nile, Mountain Gorillas, Tree climbing lions, Gigantic savannah Elephant, White Rhinos, various Antelope species, Buffalos, the world’s tallest animal/mammal the Giraffe, cat family species, Kazinga Channel, Murchison falls gorge, Mountain Rwenzori, crater lakes, to

Bird Watching

Uganda is home to over 1000 bird species and without much effort you are guaranteed of seeing at least 200 birds while you’re here in Uganda. Bird watching has never been so rewarding like when on a trip in Uganda’s dense forests seeing species only known to the books and magazines.

Hiking Safaris

Something’s are best experienced on foot, when you’re totally in touch with the world.  If you’re energetic enough come take a hike up mountains, hills or a nature walk in the national park or in the wild and experience the nature first hand.

Wedding / Bridal Cars

If you find the woman or man of your dreams come to Roma Safaris to get reliable transport to make the most important day in your life memorable. with the latest sleek cars your wedding day will be talked about for ages.